Michael Schuitema, Emmet County Assistant Prosecutor

Emmet County Assistant Prosecutor Michael Schuitema backed into a parked car. Then, he drove away from the scene. At first, he told police he didn’t know who was driving his car. Then, he told the truth.

Not only did Schuitema break the law, but he also lied to the police about it.

Emmet County Prosecutor James Linderman doesn’t think Schuitema’s behavior calls into question his ability to be an assistant prosecutor with integrity.

I disagree. Anyone can follow the law when it’s easy. Someone who respects the law does it when it’s hard, and when no one is watching. Can you trust someone who tried to hit and run when they’re asked to cover up police misconduct? What about when a prominent person asks for special disposition for their own hit and run?

I don’t think the public can have confidence in someone’s integrity to enforce the law after they hit and run and lie about it. Of course, voters elected James Linderman to make that judgment call, so for now, Schuitema remains employed with the Emmet County Prosecutor’s Office.

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3 thoughts on “Michael Schuitema, Emmet County Assistant Prosecutor”

  1. Should someone file a request for an investigation?


    How to File a Request for an Investigation

    Anyone may file a Request for Investigation against an attorney licensed by the State Bar of Michigan, or otherwise permitted by a court to practice in the state, by completing and signing the AGC’s Request for Investigation form or by sending in a signed letter.

    The form or letter must be signed and sufficiently describe the alleged misconduct (including approximate time and place). The Request for Investigation may include copies of any relevant documents. Requests for Investigation are not accepted electronically or by facsimile at this time.

    A copy of the Request for Investigation form can be requested by calling the AGC at 313-961-6585, or can be downloaded below. Requests for Investigation and any accompanying documents can be sent to:

    Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission
    535 Griswold, Suite 1700
    Detroit, MI 48226

    Please do not bind or staple your documents in order to facilitate scanning.

    The Grievance Administrator may also institute an investigation on his own based upon knowledge gained from other ways, such as news articles, court opinions, or information received in the course of a disciplinary investigation.

    This is a sample page.


  2. Unreal. Emmet County Prosecutor James Linderman needs to consider the “tone at the top” in the department. The law must apply to everyone from the top on down.

    Martha Stewart – average citizen – went to prison for lying to the feds. It was a dumb lie about insider trading and involved a nominal amount of money. But the lie is what got her punished.

    It was a car this time. I’d be pretty ticked if it was MY car. Was he drunk? That’s the reason why many “run”, of course. Will it be a child (he hits) next time?

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