Michigan Republicans Run to Distance Themselves From Stay-At-Home Order, Except Jack O’Malley, Wayne Schmidt and Larry Inman

Michigan Republicans are running at warp speed to distance themselves from Gretchen Whitmer’s stay at home order. They’re all blogging it up on the Michigan GOP website about how Whitmer’s order sucks. The website looks like an easy press release site for news outlets to create news stories and pull quotes. Not a bad idea.

First, let’s talk about Jack O’Malley. It’s Jack O’Malley’s first appearance here on Dirty Traverse. O’Malley is the state rep for the Lake Ann and western northern Michigan area, District 101.

He used his blog space to cheer lead the fact that the extension increases restrictions on personal travel, and restrictions on the use of private property. O’Malley writes: “If we want people to stay put to slow spread, that should mean stay put. It shouldn’t mean you can travel up north for the weekend if you want,” O’Malley said. “I believe some portions of the expanded measures are overly harsh, but I was pleased to see this inclusion. It will help keep northern Michigan communities safer and smaller hospital systems that cannot handle a sudden influx of ill people from being overwhelmed.” So O’Malley champions restrictions on private property and cutting off the very lifeblood of his entire region, tourism, while failing to address the bigger picture.

Second point – the GOP only started running from this when it became obvious that the Whitmer stay safe, stay home restrictions were unpopular. They could have negotiated all of this out with Whitmer before the vote. They could have made it very clear what their intentions were with the extension, but they didn’t. So there is major blame on both sides of the aisle.


Grand Traverse County Prosecutor Noelle Moeggenberg has yet to weigh in on her plans for enforcement, or lack of enforcement of some of the more controversial parts of the stay home, stay safe order. Larry Inman and Wayne Schmidt are also still keeping quiet about what they think of the order. So is the Grand Traverse County Sheriff for that matter.

For each of you: Do you agree with the provisions of Whitmer’s order that ban buying seeds in person? What about no boating if your boat has a motor? What about freedom of religion (church)? What about your right to be using a second home in the area, if you own one? You’re our *elected officials (*except Moeggenberg) and we want to know where you stand. Why hasn’t the media approached any of these public officials for their opinion?

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2 thoughts on “Michigan Republicans Run to Distance Themselves From Stay-At-Home Order, Except Jack O’Malley, Wayne Schmidt and Larry Inman”

  1. It’s also an inconvenient and overlooked fact, but those folks that own vacations homes up here are paying major taxes on them. Those tax dollars are funding the hospital and other public services. Yet they are not welcome to use the services they pay for when they visit? Just a thought… maybe I’m missing something.

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