Michigan State Police May Have Their Own Good Ol’ Boys Club

The Northern Michigan Michigan State Police District is without a permanent commander after the 7th District Commander and the Assistant Commander were both placed on administrative leave. Authorities are investing allegations that the pair violated procedures when it comes to selection and promotion. MSP put the 6th District commander in charge as acting commander in the interim while they investigate.

If we can’t trust the highest levels of the Michigan State Police to have integrity, can we trust law enforcement at all? I’m to believe that MSP will be fair when they want to accuse me of a crime, or when I’m the victim of a crime, when they aren’t even fair to each other in their day-to-day practice? Respect is earned, not demanded. Law enforcement doesn’t seem to get that.

Related: Retired MSP Officer Malcolm Irwin not guilty of embezzlement, guilty of resisting and obstructing and felony firearm.

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