Michigan State Trooper Michael Tilley Caught in Prostitution Sting

Northern Michigan police recently conducted a prostitution sting. Not only is looking for a prostitute on Craigslist a great way to get a new STD, it’s also very illegal. The sting resulted in the arrest of dozens of Johns, including retired Michigan State Police Trooper Michael Tilley.

Tilley faces two charges. The charges are using a computer to commit a crime and engaging the services of a prostitute. Those are the charges that most of the men face, although some of the men managed to get even more charges.

Tilley worked for MSP in Traverse City.

Michigan State Police is on a roll for tarnishing its reputation. Trooper Devin Wilson of Newaygo was recently arrested for possessing child pornography. Both men’s alleged crimes have to do with victimizing and taking advantage of others.

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