Miracle on Washington Street: Todd Ritter Charged

The charges against Todd Ritter are:

  1. Larceny in a building – Felony
  2. Criminal Sexual Conduct – 2nd degree – Felony
  3. Common law offenses – Not clear whether it’s a felony or a misdemeanor
  4. Willful neglect of duty – I think it’s a misdemeanor
  5. Embezzlement of a public official – I think it’s a misdemeanor

Criminal sexual conduct in the second degree is a violation of Michigan Compiled Law 750.520c.

The maximum penalty for a CSC in the second degree is 15 years in prison.

Todd Ritter, Former Grand Traverse County Jail Captain
Todd Ritter, former Grand Traverse County Jail captain
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6 thoughts on “Miracle on Washington Street: Todd Ritter Charged”

  1. All those felonies and, instead of terminating him, Sheriff Bensley gave him special treatment that allowed him to retire?

    Do I have that right? I hope not.

    And again, with sufficient evidence to charge _so many_ serious crimes, why did it take so long for Grand Traverse prosecutor Noelle Moeggenberg to recuse herself from the case? The State Police investigation report must be an incredibly damning document. What was Moeggenberg thinking? “Maybe if I sit on it for a year it will go away? Maybe it won’t look like a conflict if I don’t charge him?”

    1. Yes, let him resign so he could keep his retirement and even stay on the job additional time under these known circumstances.
      He created a culture unprecedented in the Grand Traverse Co Jail.

  2. Tragically, she does indeed run unopposed. Ritter has had plenty of time to find a great attorney, too. It’s clear that good old boys are favored because the Grand Traverse Rocket Docket crushes everyone else. I’ll be watching this case.

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