Moday, November 5

Hi loyal readers,

I don’t have an article today because I’m working on a complicated article about the prostitution slap and tickle bust that wasn’t. The Record Eagle did an article that reiterated my point – that they pleaded many of the cases down to essentially nothing, and I have some additional thoughts on how Bob Cooney responded to the criticism. It’s going to take some time to put together but it will be worth the wait.

One of the commenters used an email address that I can’t tell if it’s a threat or not. Please don’t leave gray areas if you choose to leave comments. I welcome your comments but not if I have to spend brain cells trying to figure out whether not you’re doing something inappropriate. First, because then I have to figure out if it’s spelled gray or grey. I think it’s gray. Also, the point of this website is to have an honest debate about things that need to be in the light. Not to have to try and interpret whether or not you’re trying to threaten me or someone else in a sly way.

Tomorrow I hope to live update. See if you can spot me on my phone at an election party. Ain’t no party like an election party cause an election party don’t stop…until at least 11:30…

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