More Inman Texts Revealed; Waiting for Context

More of the Inman alleged bribery texts have become public. So far the only context I’m getting out of it is that it sounds like the entire state political system is corrupt. Can someone pretty, pretty please ask him to name the “new dirty dozen” under oath.

Inman’s aide is mentioned in the texts. In fact, he’s kind of a jerk to her in the texts. She’s the one who had sticky fingers at Costco. The texts said that she worked for Judge Buday in Kalkaska before hitching her star to Inman’s election campaign. And Inman was rather testy about paying her for her work on his campaign.

The problem that the defense has is that Inman’s texts are repeated. He alludes to his demands more than once. It’s hard to feign a moment of confusion when it reads like you had a whole bunch of moments. I would say this whole thing is a walking commercial for PAC reform. But the legislature is the very group that would have to pass it. And like Inman said in his texts, the voters only pay him small potatoes compared to PAC donors.

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