More on Larry Inman – Inman Paid Fines for Unreported Campaign Contributions From Attorney for Accused Campaign Shoplifter

So you’ll recall a couple of days ago we talked about how Larry Inman’s campaign worker was arrested for shoplifting from Costco. We mentioned that Inman’s campaign worker hired attorney and Inman campaign donor Chris Cooke to represent her. We also mentioned that Grand Traverse County Prosecutor Bob Cooney is also an Inman campaign donor. Cooke is confident that the campaign worker’s shoplifting case is going to resolve in a positive way.

So here’s more:

Even Grand Traverse County District Court Judge Thomas Phillips donated to Inman in 2016. He gave $100.

Inman didn’t report late contributions from Cooke and got fined by the Michigan Secretary of State. Here’s where you can read about Inman’s unreported contributions from Cooke.

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