MSP Trooper Charged with Distributing Child Pornography


Devin Wilson of the MSP Hart post has allegedly been leading a double life. He arrived at work to find himself arrested on charges of child pornography and using a computer to commit a crime. He’s on leave until it’s all resolved.

MSP Troopers are supposed to be a cut above the rest. They receive more formal and uniform training than most county sheriffs deputies.

Some of you will say that Devin Wilson is just a bad apple, and that most police are good. I’m going to borrow from Chris Rock to make my point on that:

But some jobs can’t have bad apples. Some jobs, everybody gotta be good. Like … pilots. Ya know, American Airlines can’t be like, Most of our pilots like to land. We just got a few bad apples that like to crash into mountains. Please bear with us.”

Chris Rock was talking about police corruption when he made that analogy.

Then there was the time that whoops, MSP’s video went missing just when everything went down. Hate when that happens.

You can read all about the MSP Hart post on this super informative website.

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