New TCAPS Board Convenes Amid Funding Dispute

The Ticker has a new article up about the new TCAPS board. Too bad I didn’t screenshot it when I saw it, because someone made a comment about how the TEAM5TCAPS group was a bunch of jet setting doctor’s wives from the Peninsula trying to run things from the outside. What? Wasn’t one of them a teacher, one an investigator and another an attorney? Does being a teacher or a lawyer make you an (out of touch)┬ájet setting doctor’s wife? Those are almost the same things. Potato, potato. Only if you disagree with the “right” people. The poster went on to call the TEAM5 group dangerous and suggested that they need to be watched. That’s what the establishment has to say about dissent in Traverse City.

The $700K funding dispute hasn’t gone away. TCAPS officials say they’re confident it’s all going to work out in their favor.

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