Next Career: Fortune Teller

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1 thought on “Next Career: Fortune Teller”

  1. And check it out–is it true that only 2 of the 16 schools in TCAPS have the same principal now as they did in 2014? Almost 88% turnover? Lots of “personal reasons” and “early retirements” there, too. Seems like those at the head of the district might feel threatened by people with real credentials in teaching and learning. That must be why they are clinging so hard to “The Blueprint”–makes them look like they have a handle on instruction. Funny how the guy peddling the Blueprint never responds directly to questions asking for real data on actual impact on student achievement in districts he’s worked with. Oh, and he was just separated from his umbrella organization under a cloud of suspicion. And guess what, it appears that he’s now working on getting TCAPS to sign on to his new organization!

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