No Charges Yet for Jail Administrator Todd Ritter

The wheels of justice are still turning in the case of jail administrator Todd Ritter. If the charges are forthcoming, they haven’t happened yet. The 86th District Court ledger just shows crickets. The last entry for Ritter was that ticket for failing to stop in the assured, cleared distance when he rear-ended the vehicle in front of him a few years ago.

One interesting question is if Grand Traverse County Prosecutor Noelle Moeggenberg will recuse herself from making a charging decision in Ritter’s case. Certainly, her office has an interest in the reputation of the jail and law enforcement operations. She’s also wrapped up in it because she charged Brandon Veenstra (whistleblower or wrong-place-wrong-time guy) with willful neglect of duty, and the timing of those charges make them suspectly disingenuous at best.

Reading the Traverse Ticker article, it becomes clear that there were rumblings about Ritter’s conduct for some time. It took until there was a new Undersheriff in town for anyone to follow up and investigate the allegations. The article says that Shea was promoted to undersheriff in the fall, which means he began the investigations right away. So it sounds like it’s not like the allegations were something that came to his attention years into his tenure. So if the rumors were out there for some time until Shea was in a position to begin investigating them and chose to investigate them, uhm, who knew and sat on their hands? Where was the sheriff himself on the allegations? Why didn’t he refer the matter for investigation? Same questions for the former Undersheriff now administrator? At what point, if you’re in a position to report and investigate inappropriate behavior, and abuse and mistreatment of inmates continue, are you not complicit and culpable? And how does your turning a blind eye to it not seep down into the culture of the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Department?

Feeling cute. Might run for sheriff. IDK.

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2 thoughts on “No Charges Yet for Jail Administrator Todd Ritter”

  1. The only thing that bothers me with all of the reporting, is Ritter’s poor kids.

    Two are school ages. Kids can be cruel to each other. I feel for them. There was no need to go into explicit detail about the texts on his phone.
    Just saying

  2. Seek out the YouTube videos of depositions of Bensley and Algers, in an unrelated matter. Watch those. Then let all the rest of us know who you think ran the Sheriff Dept while Algers was underdog—- scratch that—– under-sheriff. I’ll give all a hint, Twasn’t Bensley!

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