Nothing Decided at TCAPS Student Count Conference

TCAPS school officials had a conference with the Michigan Department of Education in order to discuss allegations that TCAPS misclassified home-school partnership students and inflated their student count.

What gets me about the TCAPS student count discrepancies, you know, one could call it fraud, is that it fails the common sense test. Kids taking classes one day a week – and most of them not even taking courses a full day – counting as 65 percent of a full-time student? Come on, you knew that was dishonest. It fails the are-you-kidding-me test. State officials say that kids taking class a few hours a week should count more like .15. That makes a lot more sense.

Paul Soma did what Paul Soma does, which is to lash out and attack the organization trying to hold TCAPS accountable. He calls the MDE “dysfunctional” and says that they’re just trying to legislate through the audit process.

Who knows how much longer Larry Inman will be around to fix it.

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