Okay, Benzie County, You Can Stop Emailing Me About Kyle Rosa

Benzie County Undersheriff Kyle Rosa is running for Sheriff of Benzie County. Current sheriff Ted Schendel is not running for reelection.

Judging from the quantity and quality of emails coming into to the Dirty Traverse inbox, there are a lot of people nervous about the thought of Kyle Rosa being top cop of Benzie County.

Here is what we know:

  • Kyle Rosa is the current Undersheriff of Benzie County. He is the next in line. And we all know how we do next in line here in Northern Michigan.
  • I can’t find much information about Kyle Rosa’s educational qualifications to be a sheriff.
  • Rosa has been with the Benzie County Sheriff for 31 years. That means he has not had a fresh perspective about how things are done elsewhere in 31 years. To put it in perspective, 31 years ago was 1989.

The Record Patriot article says only this about Rosa’s education: “Rosa has many hours of training in the field of Law Enforcement, and is a DNR certified instructor in Marine Safety, Snowmobile Safety, and ATV safety.” There are many holes there: Are you MCOLES certified? Do you have a bachelor’s degree? What about a master’s degree? What MCOLES trainings and certifications have you completed in the last 31 years? Name them all, and what’s involved in earning them. According to the internet, Ted Schendel being MCOLES certified was a point of qualification back when Schendel ran for sheriff, so how do Rosa’s qualifications compare?

And here’s a fun one: Kyle Rosa’s son, Dillon Rosa, is an Animal Control Officer in Benzie County. In most private companies, this would be a no-go. What are Dillon Rosa’s qualifications to be an animal control officer? Does he have a degree in animal or veterinary science? How are Dillon Rosa’s qualifications so strong that they overcome the stink of conflict of interest with now-undersheriff Rosa? Who chose Dillon Rosa for the animal control officer position? What were the stated minimum requirements for that position?

The people who have written into Dirty Traverse have more to say about Dillon Rosa, but nothing that I can verify without 19th Circuit Court records being online. (What year is it? Why aren’t your records online?) If anyone wants to get me a copy of any court orders, or reports, just send them to me and I can post them.

Is Kyle Rosa qualified to be the next sheriff of Benzie County? If not, who should oppose him? What else do you know about this situation? Tell us in the comments.

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1 thought on “Okay, Benzie County, You Can Stop Emailing Me About Kyle Rosa”

  1. Too bad that a truly good and qualified man David Tucker was ousted the way he was. He served Benzie County extremely well over his decades there. He’s not only a law man, he’s a humanitarian that could’ve made a huge difference.

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