Our Distant Neighbors, June 14, 2018 Edition

There’s so much going on around Michigan at the moment that we’re going to pause the Traverse City editorial reporting for a minute and tell you about what’s going wrong in the rest of the Mitten State:

Kwame Kilpatrick Thinks He’s Getting Out of Prison

Disgraced former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpratrick thinks Trump is going to let him out of prison. He’s asking for a pardon or clemency. The very short summary is that Kilpatrick misused his public office for personal gain. If I remember correctly, Kilpatrick’s original sentence wasn’t all that bad. Then he violated his probation by hiding his assets, and that’s when the hammer dropped.

As much as we try, we’re still amateurs compared to Illinois when it comes to sending public officials to prison. Kilpatrick is serving his sentence in Philadelphia at the moment. Ironically, Philadelphia is the home of the Liberty Bell.

Livingston County Judge Theresa Brennan Does Pretty Much Everything You Shouldn’t Do

How do you sum up what Judge Theresa Brennan did? Answer – a police officer. She did a police officer. The only thing was, she presided over a murder that he was the lead investigator on. She says she didn’t start getting jiggy with Livingston County’s finest state trooper until after she heard the case, but her ex-husband’s divorce lawyer disagrees. Apparently, the judge and the cop were hanging out all over town together, because the appearance of impropriety isn’t a thing when you’re a big deal.

She also refused to timely recuse herself from her own divorce even though the husband had an ex-parte motion to protect assets. And she’s accused of having her underlings run personal errands for her on county time. Sounds like a peach. Despite all of this, she was reelected twice, because that’s how hard it is to unseat a judge no matter what they’re doing.

Grand Rapids Police Officer Matthew Janiskee Sues for Getting Caught Giving Political Favors

And finally, there’s Grand Rapids Police Officer Matthew Janiskee. Remember back when a Kent County Assistant Prosecutor Joshua Kuipers got drunk at William Forsyth’s retirement party and hit a person with his car, causing them serious, devastating injuries? And then the police did the best they could to dishonestly investigate Kuipers for drunk driving because well, we can’t have an assistant prosecutor held to the same standards as everyone else.

The police moved their discussions to what they thought was an unrecorded line. The line was supposed to be for personal business. But it actually was recorded. And the City of Grand Rapids released the recordings. And they were bad.

Well, Janiskee says that he’s the victim, and he’s suing the Grand Rapids police for violating wiretapping laws.

The fact that this guy has no shame. That he’s out complaining that the city inappropriately configured a phone line that the police had no right to have that they used to sandbag charges for a politically connected person. The fact that he even thinks he has the standing to complain about that and have anyone take him seriously tells us the extent to which there’s a culture problem in the Grand Rapids Police.

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