Paul Jarboe Awarded Dirty Traverse Community Health Hero

Munson Medical Center says that Bob Cooney is a hero for fighting the opioid crisis. They’ve given him the Community Hero Award. Of course, there’s a press release, and oh yeah, he wants to be a judge.

So we here at Dirty Traverse are awarding Paul Jarboe the Dirty Traverse Community Hero award. For quietly helping people facing legal challenges without needing to issue a press release about it. Perhaps there’s nothing more heroic than helping people when they’re facing trials (literally and figuratively), and when you don’t get any glory for it like prosecutors get for grandstanding about how they’re “tough” on crime.

Paul Jarboe, Community Impact Award

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3 thoughts on “Paul Jarboe Awarded Dirty Traverse Community Health Hero”

  1. Bob Cooney picks on the weak and helpless to get convictions. Does not use common sense on when to prosecute and when to look at the meaning behind the complaints, offers no common sense solutions just punishment. A NO VOTE from me.

  2. I asked Bob Cooney to review my 2006 case for inconsistencies early last year. I cannot afford to retain an attorney at the present time. Former prosecutor Alan Schneider charged me with cyberstalking and child porn possession. While I don’t believe changing a screenname to contact someone had risen to the level of the charge against me, I had pleaded back then to the porn charge – one video download from the internet. After prison, I sought to identify the female in the amateur porn video and was able to get an affidavit from the person who shot the video that she was 18 years old back in 1999 (year it was produced). It should be stated that Assistant Prosecutor Noelle Moeggenberg would not drop the charge back then on this video. She is as dishonest as they get. They want to WIN, NOT GET IT RIGHT!!!

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