Someone’s Education Isn’t Working

So someone doesn’t know how to spell egregious, and let’s hope it isn’t Superintended of TCAPS, Paul Soma.

We’re still following TCAPS “misreporting” of student count to the tune of a $700K power grab followed by Daddy Inman bailing TCAPS out with a pork bill. Only Interlochen Public Radio has done any meaningful reporting on the issue, and it’s all being swept under the rug which is one example of why this website exists.

In the IPR article, the author quotes Soma as calling the Michigan Department of Education wanting their $700K back as an “agregious action.” Which begs the question, what’s agregious?

Because egregious — e·gre·gious — is a word that means really, shockingly bad, in poor taste. Agregious isn’t a word. We’ll have to assume it’s a word, because Paul Soma doesn’t make mistakes. So we can only assume at the “a” at the beginning is the Greek root that means without, kind of like atypical, asymmetry or atheist. There really isn’t a root word of “greg.” The closest you get is Gregorian, which is Pope Gregory I, pope between 590 and 604.

So obviously Paul Soma was saying that the MDOE’s decision is agregious, meaning that it doesn’t have anything to do with Pope Gregory I, pope 590-604. That’s true. Paul Soma wins again. His dishonestly reporting $700K in phantom students doesn’t have anything to do with Pope Gregory I.

This reminds me of the part in Mean Girls where the principals go in the classroom and ask the kids if the teacher has been selling them marijuana tablets and the kids are like, what’s a marijuana tablet?

So what we don’t know is whether it was IPR’s mistake or Soma’s mistake. The news media isn’t really clear whether Soma responded to questions about the $700K Christmas stocking stuffer in writing or orally. But wow if our fearless leader doesn’t know how to spell a basic word.

And daaaang it. That reminds me I was going to report on the Carol Stocking special court deal the whole week of Christmas and call it the Stocking Stuffer Series, but then I forgot about it. Oh well. We really should talk about the Carol Stocking stuff. Wasn’t she going to retire like years ago now?

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2 thoughts on “Someone’s Education Isn’t Working”

  1. What is the point of this article? You can’t even confirm who’s spelling error it was yet you base your stupid diatribe on it as if it was fact that it was Soma’s. How do you know if it was Soma’s classification error and not a different interpretation of how the classification applies?

    Why don’t you cover something a little more your speed like the hissy fit Erica Moon Mohr threw after her first board meeting?

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