Paula Lipinski Receives Probation

If you’re wondering, former CPS supervisor Paula Lipinski received two-years probation. She pleaded guilty to drunk driving and attempted resisting police.

On the one hand, probation for drunk driving is often only a year. On the other hand, she also had a charge of attempted resisting police. On the other hand, the judges usually save major jail time for cases where there’s an injured victim. I guess what I’m saying is that this sentence is in line. Even with the guilty plea, this case still stinks.

A few notes:

Early reports said that Lipinski refused a breath test. But apparently she eventually took a breath test that showed a blood alcohol test well over the legal limit. The news report also said that she didn’t take the breath test until three hours after she left the bar. But during the course of an OWI investigation, that’s not all that long of a delay — breath tests are often long after the actual driving happens. But why the inaccurate reporting before? Did the media not have the whole picture? If not, was that because law enforcement didn’t give them the whole picture?

Second, I’m still skeptical that the bar security guard allowed Lipinski to drive a foot (just enough to get charged with drunk driving), but then stood behind her (dangerous) in order to supposedly stop her, and make sure that law enforcement caught up with her.

In addition to court penalties, Lipinski lost her job.

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