People Call on Larry Inman to Resign; His Attorney Calls on Them to Stop

Some people are calling on 104th District of Michigan State Representative Larry Inman to resign. He’s facing federal charges of asking for donations in exchange for his vote in the Michigan House of Representatives.

In this picture, it’s like 18 people calling on Inman to resign. Not exactly a consensus. Traverse City Mayor Jim Carruthers is among those calling for Inman to step down. These protesters are from an organizing group called Voters Not Politicians. The group has large-scale fundraising backing it, so it’s not exactly grassroots.

Federal officials have accused Inman of asking for bribes in exchange for his vote.

Larry inman talks about federal charges

Larry Inman is talking openly about the charges against him. The Federal Rules of Evidence allow law enforcement to admit his statements if the case goes to trial, so speaking freely about the charges might be risky for Inman. Inman says that he can explain everything and we’ll know the truth soon. Inman says he’s not resigning because he’ not guilty. For all the things Inman is saying, what he’s not saying is an explanation for why the text messages make him look guilty.

Meanwhile, Inman’s attorney says that we can expect a public trial and Inman hasn’t violated the law. 9 and 10 News quoted him as saying, “Everybody who wants to sentence him and throw him out of his job, really needs to stop.” I find that comment inappropriate. If people want to call on Inman to resign, that is their right. Inman doesn’t get to tell them to stop saying it. All 18 of them.

Do you think Larry Inman should resign?

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