Primary Day the COVID Way

Larry Inman has filed to dismiss his case. The judge seems to have an opinion, and stated that Inman’s actions could have been nothing more than “An inartful, yet permissible, effort of obtaining campaign dollars.” Inman still thinks he’s getting his career back after all of this.

The Record Eagle did a good follow up to the Todd Ritter matter. They got a quote from the Attorney General’s Office saying that they had more investigating to do before they decide on the case. However, delaying a “final” decision on the case is one way that they can perpetually keep the police report out of public view, because cases that are under investigation are exempt from FOIA requirements, even if they are “under investigation” forever.

The TCAPS Transparency Facebook group has devolved into a group that posts warning articles about going back to in-person school during COVID. They’ve gotten off-topic from their mission and I wonder if they’re losing their entire audience or just me. Meanwhile, we eagerly await the “Kelly document.”

It’s the first test for incumbents across Northern Michigan. There hasn’t been much campaigning, which will probably favor the incumbents.

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1 thought on “Primary Day the COVID Way”

  1. Neumann law group is apparently suing Larry Inman. 86th district court records show service for case # 201331GC1.

    A summons has been served, with action schedule for September 12.

    And Kenneth Inman (any relation?) is scheduled for sentencing on August 26 before Judge Cooney. He plead to Attempted Assault with a Dangerous Weapon. The reference in the file suggests it is “Attempted Felonious Assault”.

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