Prosecutor Attempts to Silence Speech on Ritter Case

Two Grand Traverse County Commissioners recently tried to ask the obvious questions about mismanagement in the Grand Traverse County Jail. Betsy Coffia and Bryce Hundley used a recent commission meeting to ask thoughtful questions of Sheriff Tom Bensley that are long overdue. Those questions included things like how Todd Ritter’s behavior was allowed to go on for so long, and whether it was dumb in retrospect to allow him to resign.

Cue the Grand Traverse County Prosecutor’s Office. You know, the same office that sat on the Ritter police report for like a year before conflicting it out to the attorney general’s office. So to recap, the Grand Traverse County Prosecutor’s Office that has a conflict with the Todd Ritter case is now threatening government commissioners out of doing their job which is to investigate matters involving public funds and public trust.

Kinda sounds like Kit Tholen and the rest of the Prosecutor’s Office have joined the defense team. What are they trying to hide?

Tholen said that it was inappropriate for the Commissioners to say that an abuse of power occurred. Uhm, enough has been proven is true in this case that we know for sure, conviction or not, that an abuse of power occurred.

Tholen then accuses Coffia and Hundley of saying untrue things when they said that Ritter had sex with inmates. His explanation is a technicality, though. I mean, they were on parole when he allegedly had sex with them. That means they weren’t inmates at the time. They were just mates, not inmates. *Facesmack.

There are rules that apply to the attorneys in a criminal case that prohibit them from making statements that prejudice the trial and the jury. But the county commissioners are not attorneys, let alone the attorneys of record. Todd Ritter is a public figure. The commissioners are public figures investigating a public matter that involves public tax dollars.

There is no gag order in place in the case. It sounds like Kit and Noelle wish there were. That would be convenient for silencing the public from discussing the use of their funds and the humane treatment of those in the county jail. It would be convenient for the Ritter defense team, which Kit and Noelle are acting like they’re a part of.

If Kit and Noelle believe that Ritter can’t get a fair trial in Grand Traverse County, it’s none of their business. They are not a party to the case. Their opinion doesn’t matter any more than mine or yours. However, if Todd Ritter doesn’t think he can get a fair trial in Grand Traverse County, he can move to have the case heard out of the county. Of course, he probably doesn’t want to do that.

Kit Tholen and Noelle Moeggenberg are inappropriately trying to intimidate public officials from discussing public matters that are unflattering to them. Coffia and Hundley didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, when it comes to the Grand Travere County Jail, they’re the first ones to do what’s right.

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3 thoughts on “Prosecutor Attempts to Silence Speech on Ritter Case”

  1. I don’t disagree with your premise – they are conflicted – but I can also see the memo as just reminding Commissioners that they should preface statements with Alleged, etc.

    I think the best thing that could happen for justice in this case – for the people – is for the trial to be moved out of Grand Traverse County.

    The judges in this county should probably recuse themselves. Surely there is a risk that the Sheriff and County officials and employees will be named as witnesses. Where would that leave the local judges and court staff, who work with them?

    Maybe that means a visiting judge will preside.

    Anyway, that could all still occur.

    So, current County Administrator, Nate Alger, was Under Sheriff while these alleged Ritter felonies went down? They came to light immediately after he left the position?

    That timing seems more than odd. Has he accounted for the delay? Has he answered questions? Did all of this escape his notice? Where is the investigation of that aspect and his role? Who would conduct that investigation?

    1. Paul Biegler, esq…..I’ve been on this disgraced “Dirty Cop” Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office Jail Captain Todd Ritter’s case/investigation/cover-up/delay/inaction for ONE-YEAR now!!!!! (Quick background….I worked WITH Todd Ritter at the GT Co. Jail for 10-YEARS!! I worked under Sheriff Thomas Bensley & Undersheriff Nate Alger for 2-YEARS).

      Grand Traverse County Sheriff Tom Bensley…I NEED YOU TO LISTEN UP!!! The Grand Traverse County citizens DEMAND you & your former Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office Undersheriff Nate Alger (who is now your CURRENT Grand Traverse County Administrator) who also DIDN’T say ANYTHING about the LACK of Jail Oversight & the horrific acts that occurred by their disgraced “Dirty Cop” Jail Administrator Captain Todd Ritter. They BOTH need to do a joint “News Conference” & be thoroughly questioned by reporters OR hold a special ‘Public Meeting’ in which MANY questions will be asked on WHAT HAPPENED with this Captain Todd Ritter!!???

      Sheriff Tom Bensley & former Undersheriff Nate Alger ALLOWED their Lieutenant Todd Ritter & ultimately their Captain Todd Ritter to do ALL the horrendous acts he did to those incarcerated & former FEMALE G.T. County Jail inmates AND FEMALE G.T. County Jail employees!!!

      These two highly-paid Grand Traverse County employees in a ‘public trust’ position (Bensley & Alger) PROMOTED Todd Ritter back in 2015 to the rank of Captain and put Ritter IN CHARGE OF THE JAIL despite NUMEROUS disciplinary write-ups in his personnel file!!!!!!! (I believe there was EIGHT (8) disciplinary write-ups!!!!!). BUT they made him CAPTAIN anyway!!?????

      I was completely dumbfounded after watching this Grand Traverse County Commissioner’s Meeting held the other week. It boiled down to MORE obstruction…..MORE resistance by the majority of the Grand Traverse County Commissioners to GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS ‘CAPTAIN TODD RITTER CRIMINAL CASE/INVESTIGATION’.

      We have the RIGHT to know WHAT HAPPENED and more importantly WHY it happened!!!!

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