Protesters Support Deb Zerafa, Animal Control Officer

Terminated Animal Control Officer Deb Zerafa continues to receive public support after she was abruptly fired following allegations of citizen-right violations and falsifications of time sheets. A group of about a dozen protesters gathered outside of a Grand Traverse County Commission meeting in order to protest the actions taken against Zerafa.

One of the things that Zerafa can use to challenge her termination is disparate treatment. That is, has the county ever taken a Fourth Amendment violation seriously, ever? Did they treat Zerafa differently than other similarly situated employees?

Zerafa could ask for records regarding allegations of Fourth Amendment violations from other law enforcement officials, or any county employee for that matter, and determine if an investigation/termination happened in each of those cases. It could produce some interesting discovery on the attitudes and actions of law enforcement when it comes to Fourth Amendment violations and the respect that they have (or don’t have) for the citizens they supposedly protect. Depositions may also be revealing.

The move to fire Zerafa came as former Grand Traverse County Undersheriff Nate Alger ascended the ranks to his new post as Grand Traverse County Administrator. The sheriff and Animal Control squabbled over Animal Control’s authority, oversight and funding. Zerafa appeared to have come out ahead as Animal Control’s point person in the squabble, until her firing.

And what of everyone else? What about all of the other employees who may want to advocate for change or blow the whistle? Doesn’t Zerafa’s firing send the message to get in line and stay in line?

The whole situation is sad for the people of Grand Traverse County and the animals. I wish Zerafa the best.

Here is the Grand Traverse County Commission schedule.

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6 thoughts on “Protesters Support Deb Zerafa, Animal Control Officer”

  1. Deb was treated so wrong. I can’t believe they actually hired someone to take over her position that was law suits against her, been fired from Bennie Cty for not backing up fellow officers. What is going to happen to our poor fur friends who can’t speak for themselves? They just lost their best friend and comrade. I will not vote on the upcoming mileage and support pay raises for people who are liars, and try to ruin someone for their benefit. Deb did nothing wrong people!!!

    1. Don’t pretend to care about the fur friends. Just be honest and say you only care about Deb having a job, not animals. She isn’t the only person in the world capable of working at animal control and to say you’ll vote down the millage just shows your true colors.

      1. I voted yes, (which I know Deb would want everyone to do), regardless of how I feel about her being fired. It was wrong on every level, but the animals come first in my eyes, and I’m sure in hers as well.

        1. Cases were thrown out of court due to her conduct. How can you say that’s wrong on every level? Bottom line, she lied, cheated and stole. In the long run are you really doing the animals a service when you’re lying, cheating and stealing?

      2. Charles, I suggest you stay tuned. You either don’t know the half of it OR you know a lot more than you will ever admit. This commission doesn’t even want animal control. They left it out to dry. Remember where animal control was 18 months ago? I do. It was pitiful. This commission didn’t give a hoot if it went under. Deb got the funding. You need to do some homework. Your claims hold as much water as this investigation does.

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