Representative Lee Chatfield Tries to Board Plane With Unregistered Pistol

The Pellston Airport was an exciting place on July 15 when Michigan State Representative Lee Chatfield tried to board a plane with a handgun. What?!?! He claims he always carries the gun and forgot that he packed it in his bag.

(Has that ever happened to you? No? Me neither.)

Oh yeah, and it turns out the firearm isn’t registered. Mea culpa on that too from Chatfield.

Michigan Compiled Law 28.422 says that you have to register your guns. MCL 28.422(1) says that it’s illegal to carry or transport a pistol without first having gotten a license. I’m not completely clear on what the penalty is though. Trying to board a commercial plane¬†with a gun also violates a whole bunch of federal laws.

Authorities say they’ve handed the case over to the Emmet County Prosecutor’s Office for possible charges.¬†Emmet County Prosecuting Attorney Jim Linderman says he doesn’t comment on cases that are submitted to his office.

Chatfield is a Republican. Emmet County Prosecutor Jim Linderman is also a Republican. There’s been no word of any charges against Chatfield.

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4 thoughts on “Representative Lee Chatfield Tries to Board Plane With Unregistered Pistol”

  1. This is unreal and excuses are unacceptable.
    He wasn’t born yesterday. He know the law.
    He needs to be slapped! Just maybe he’ll wake up and pay attention! He knew he had that on him. SHAME ON YOU MR. REPRESENTATIVE! !!!!!!!

  2. I’m confused. If this is page is supposed to be about Traverse City’s dirt, what is the point of this and many other of your articles?

    1. Why not, Charles? I like to know what’s going on in and around the home turf. Sometimes what’s going on over “there” is happening over “here”, as well.

      Or, something like that …

      1. Because its called ‘Dirty Traverse City’, not ‘Stories From Around Michigan That I Have Negative Thoughts About’.

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