Republicans Boycott League of Women Voters Debate, But You Haven’t Heard the Whole Story

So the local Republican candidates for office refused to debate the local Democratic candidates for office. The League of Women Voters had the whole thing neatly arranged. Then the Republicans weren’t manly enough to debate, so they held their own debate in an alternative location. The Republicans were really ridiculous and we should all be skeptical of everything they have to say because they’re afraid to even talk about the issues.

Or so it was reported by the mainstream media.

So what really happened was…

The League of Women Voters is a national organization. So when Brett Kavanagh was being interrogated about every stupid comment in his high school yearbook, not even fart jokes were safe, the League of Women Voters came out with a position on the matter.

The League of Women Voters said that while they ordinarily don’t take a position on political matters, they just had to come out against Kavanagh because he threatens the people.

So the local Republican candidates decided to take a position of their own. That position was that they wanted a debate to truly be neutral. The debate organizers control the questions, after all, so it only seems fair. The League of Women voters is often the only organization to host a debate for local offices. If the organizers have admitted biases, the public may not ever have a chance to hear the message from each candidate.

So yes, the Republicans “refused” to debate. But, they also had a point.

The comments on the Traverse City Ticker article about the boycott are brutal against the Republicans. But most of the comments are people who are going to find fault in the Republicans no matter what they do.

The League of Women Voters is just another one of those organizations that pretend to be non-partisan but really isn’t.

Don’t interpret this article to think that I always support Republicans. Wayne Schmidt got his own week on this website.

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1 thought on “Republicans Boycott League of Women Voters Debate, But You Haven’t Heard the Whole Story”

  1. I’m sorry but that debate would have been a joke and you probably wouldn’t have been able to hear anything. Probably would have been protestors and hecklers. Questions would never have been answered.
    Debates are great but in Traverse. No. Traverse is not a metropolitan area but has that type of mentality. People think to much of themselves and not enough of each other.

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