Sammy Seymour Jr. – Michigan State Police, Cadillac

The Michigan State police generally have a reputation for being more professional than the rest of law enforcement but, to his credit, Sammy Seymour Jr. is trying really hard to change that.

Of course, Seymour couldn’t get arrested without asking for “professional courtesy,” i.e., that he be allowed to break the law because he’s in law enforcement.

The Mason County Prosecutor Paul Spaniola tried Seymour for drunk driving, but the jury deadlocked. It’s probably not fair to blame Spaniola for the result, since the court threw out most of the evidence against Seymour, including the DataMaster test.

Seymour pleaded guilty to operating an off-road vehicle while impaired. Since the offense carries no license sanctions at all, Seymour headed right back out on duty pending an investigation.

At least we don’t have to wonder whether MSP is down in the gutter with the rest of them.

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