Sarah Matwiejczyk Charges Mom For Parenting, Not the First Matwiejczyk to Bring Bad Charges

So everyone’s talking about the cell phone case in Ottawa County where the police arrested a breastfeeding mother and held her in jail for taking phone privileges away from her teenage girl when the teen’s father “owned” the phone.

What’s so wrong about the case is that the prosecutor didn’t dismiss the case until her trial was about to start. The Ottawa County Prosecutor literally sat on the case while the mother had to worry about criminal proceedings against her for months, for what we all agree is a reasonable parenting decision. Police and prosecutors sanctioning and assisting parental undermining.

The police say the mother never mentioned that it was the daughter’s cell phone. The cell phone is pink and has a rainbow/skeleton sticker on the back. Whose did they think it was? Why did they think the other parent would have had the cell phone in the first place if there wasn’t a teenager involved? The officer’s story about not knowing the whole story doesn’t make sense.

Sarah Matwiejczyk is the Ottawa County prosecutor responsible for the case. Why do I know that name?

Oh yeah. Her husband, Eric Matwiejczyk was an Ingham County Prosecutor. I say was because he was fired…for wrongfully pursuing a case without cause. Apparently, Eric Matwiejczyk allegedly chose not to disclose exculpatory evidence that called the defendant’s guilt into question. It was a homicide case. The man served a year and a half in prison before it all got sorted out. The Ingham County Prosecutor fired Matwiejczyk for his actions.

It sounds like both Matwiejczyks are guilty of failing to do their due diligence before ruining someone’s life and causing them untold stress. That’s the nice interpretation of their actions at least. We’ll never know what exactly goes through the mind of a Matwiejczyk when they bring charges against someone without the legal and ethical authority to do so.

And both Matwiejczyk’s are proud graduates of Cooley Law School.

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