Say No Mohr: Attorney General Declines Charges

Breaking news today that the Attorney General will not charge Erica Moon Mohr for alleged Open Meetings Act violations. You’ll recall local prosecutor Noelle Moeggenberg quickly claimed a conflict of interest and referred the decision out (though it took her much longer to do the same for the jail administrator). It appears the attorney general may have made the decision herself rather than referring it to a local prosecutor in a nearby jurisdiction. If that’s the case, perhaps she just declined it herself because the complaint was an obvious loser that didn’t even warrant the extra step.

We eagerly await comment from Sue Kelly and Jeffrey Butler.

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1 thought on “Say No Mohr: Attorney General Declines Charges”

  1. What a waste of resources and an abuse of office. All to further what looks like an unlawful coverup.

    We should always have happy events to look forward to.

    The recall of Sue Kelly from office is on my list.

    And just maybe, down the road, we’ll get that forensic audit of the school system. Fat chance.

    And, won’t someone think of the children, instead of their own self interest? When more of this washes out of the dirty laundry, they’re going to see a big sham.

    Thanks again to the Record Eagle!

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