Scott Stephenson, Drunk Driving Midland County Sheriff, Does Not Seek Reelection, New Candidates Announce

Scott Stephenson was the Midland County Sheriff who was caught drunk driving in Kalkaska County on his way to deer camp. He did the whole – but I’m in the cop club, so the rules don’t apply to me – thing, but the sheriff’s deputy stood their ground, and the charges stuck. Stephenson has chosen not to seek reelection as county sheriff. Stephenson pleaded guilty to impaired driving and paid a fine. He refused to resign as Midland County Sheriff.

New candidates are getting in line in their bid to replace Stephenson as Midland County Sheriff. Candidate Rodney Roten brags about having climbed the ladder in the Midland County Sheriff’s Department before his retirement. Candidate Myron Green is a Midland County Sheriff’s Deputy. Laura Lee is a Sheriff’s Administrator.

I don’t see where any of the candidates have commented on Stephenson’s actions so we don’t know what they think about Stephenson’s actions or his refusal to resign the top cop post in the county.

We will watch as the voters have their say in who replaces Stephenson.

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4 thoughts on “Scott Stephenson, Drunk Driving Midland County Sheriff, Does Not Seek Reelection, New Candidates Announce”

  1. What a dick opinion piece this is. The Sheriff was drunk and comprehensibly under stress. You get yourself on the same situation and perhaps you would do the same. Yes, maybe not, but I find so very hypocritical of people to sit on a high horse and don’t even consider the other side of the story for a moment. Not saying that it is justified. It’s only human that a man on his shoes have a moment of weakness. If you are defined by one of your moments of weakness, you will probably be screwed too, sir. Have a little compassion. The man paid his debt.

    1. Weakness? He was on his way to deer camp and celebrating, it’s not like he hit hard times. Besides he is a Sheriff and thus held to a higher standard. As far as I know he really has not paid his debt, at least not the same debt anyone else that was drinking and driving in his county would get.

    2. Adriano Gomes – Stop your police worshiping and get your lips off of the now former Sheriff’s knob.

      He broke the law and put other people’s lives in serious danger by getting behind the wheel while being incredibly drunk. He then compounded that mistake by asking for special treatment.

      You do these things, you get publicly shunned in real life and over the internet. Now that he’s no longer a sheriff and is a public pariah, I guarantee most of the people who had kissed his rear for years on end, have suddenly disappeared.

  2. I’m from BFE, Texas and have no dog in the hunt but the guy is human. The only perfect person to walk this earth was crucified. I watched the video and it’s clear he was going through some real world shit like all of us. Sheriff if you read this I say keep your office and let the voters decide. Own your humanity and let your constituents know that you are just a mortal man who can make mistakes just like them.

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