Scott Stephenson, Drunk Driving Midland County Sheriff, Is District III Director of Michigan Sheriff’s Association

Drunk driving Midland County Sheriff Scott Stephenson isn’t just your average drunk driving police officer. He is a Director of the Michigan County Sheriff’s Association. Until yesterday, the Michigan County Sheriff’s Association listed Stephenson as the District III Director of the Association.

It seems the Michigan Sheriff’s Association has quickly scrubbed references to Stephenson from their website. Yesterday, their website looked like this:

There’s Stephenson, all smilely like, second from the right. The caption says that it’s the 2017 Michigan Sheriff’s Association Board. (Here’s another copy of the image from a Petoskey news outlet.)

And here’s what the website looks like today:

They appear to have taken down the old picture and put up the new 2019 board even though it’s not 2019 for a couple of weeks. They didn’t take Stephenson’s photo down a month ago, you know, when the drunk driving actually happened, but when the story popped in the press. What would prompt the Michigan Sheriff’s Association to need to distance themselves from one of the finest of the finest?

The reference to Stephenson is still in the META data that appears in the Google search results:

Here’s Stephenson trying to use his nifty sheriff’s badge to get out of his drunk driving arrest in Kalkaska County:

There’s no word on whether Stephenson resigned from the Michigan Sheriff’s Association board or if he still holds his post for the rest of the year. I would call them and ask, but if they’re the kind that try to get out of their drunk driving arrests by using their badges, they’re probably the kind that also hold grudges and weaponize their badges. Where is a Saul Goodman Better Call Saul burner phone when I need one?

Did I get a fundraising pitch from the Michigan Sheriff’s Association? Pretty sure I did. Yes, I did. Here it is. They wanted me to donate money. Their pitch even came with a “2019 Temporary Membership Card.” You know, to keep in your wallet for when you get pulled over? I wonder if, for the right price, I can upgrade to the plaque that Stephenson has in his car????

Doesn’t it seem a little inappropriate (okay a lot inappropriate) for the Michigan Sheriff’s Association to be handing out membership cards in a fundraising ploy when we all just watched Scott Stephenson try to use his club card to get a free pass on a super drunk driving charge? Seriously. What else is the point of that card? Other than put it in your wallet and make sure it’s visible.

Ladies and gentleman, this is law enforcement from the top down. Only, law enforcement doesn’t want you to know about its culture, which is presumably why they removed Stephenson from their website in a hurry.

And finally, if you go to the Michigan Sheriff’s Association website director’s page, and then go to this link at the bottom that says “MSA District Map,” you get this work of art:

Someone literally colored this picture. Which was probably not Stephenson, because unlike Stephenson, this person stayed within the lines.

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