Scott Stephenson, Midland County Sheriff Arrested in Kalkaska County

Scott Stephenson was at deer camp when he decided to drive to get cell phone reception. That’s when someone spotted him and called the police. The police arrested him for drunk driving. This all went down in Kalkaska.

If it all went down as Stephenson claims it did, he may not actually be guilty of drunk driving. If he pulled off because he started to feel the effects of the alcohol, his blood alcohol level could have still been rising at the time between when he stopped driving and when he took his chemical test. He says he plans to plead guilty, but it sounds like he might actually have a defense to the charges. Even so, perhaps they’ll give him the same Operated Impaired plea that a lot of people get for drunk driving charges.

Stephenson is the Midland County Sheriff. I thank him for not giving us a sequel of Brian Filipiak of Washtenaw County.

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