Scott Stephenson, Midland County Sheriff Uses County Resources for Insurance Commercial

So you know how government employees aren’t supposed to use public property for private business? Well, drunk driving Midland County Sheriff Scott Stephenson doesn’t think that law applies to him, either.

One of our readers gifted us the most fantastic YouTube video ever of Scott Stephenson acting in his cop getup and with a cop car in an insurance commercial. Yes, he stars in an insurance commercial pimping insurance in his sheriff’s outfit and a cruiser.

So here’s what would be fantastic. If we splice his arrest video with the insurance commercial. It would go something like this:

Drunk driver Stephenson: Whyyyy you got me lit up? (slurred speech)

Sheriff Stephenson in insurance commercial: License and insurance paperwork, please.

Drunk driver Stephenson: Here’s my cop badge. And my vehicle isn’t registered.

Sheriff Stephenson in insurance commercial: (Lets drunk driver Stephenson go because he has a cop badge.)


But Dirty Editor, you say, shouldn’t he be removed from a government office for misusing county property? Unfortunately, because he’s elected and not appointed, it’s very hard to remove him from office. If he were appointed or hired, it’d be much easier to make an ethical complaint that could stick. Because he’s elected, we’re limited to the governor removing him (which she probably wouldn’t do even with everything Stephenson has done), or a recall by voters.


…When the video started, I was nervous it was about to turn into an entirely different type of dirty video. We here at Dirty Traverse are not that kind of a website.

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2 thoughts on “Scott Stephenson, Midland County Sheriff Uses County Resources for Insurance Commercial”

  1. Drunk driver stays employed in GT County. Daryl Case an employee and friend of Grand Traverse County health director Wendy Trute/Hirschenbuger suffered no employment consequences after pleading guilty to operating a vehicle (Northflight) while drunk on 10/26/18. He was rightfully fired by Northflight. This is his second drunk driving offense. It appears he violated his probation as a hearing is set in district court for 1/28/19, (Probation Order to Show Cause). GT County shows favoritizm with the “good ole’ boys” again……

  2. News tip on this issue: this needs to be looked at closer, the commissioner is connected to the insurance company, conflict on interest?

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