“Search” For New Undersheriff Underway

Now that Nathan Alger has lock stepped his way into a higher paying position, we turn our attention to who’s next in line for the position of Grand Traverse County Undersheriff. Here’s how it’s going to go down:

1. The local moves on up from undersheriff to county administrator. – Check.

2. Sheriff Bensley says that he’s committed to finding the best person for the job. – Check —¬† “It’s going to be as simple as asking the world to apply or just pick somebody, so we’re sorting through that.” “I don’t know where we’re going.”

3. There’s a list of standard qualifications to be an undersheriff. They include years of experience, a degree and MCOLES certification. – Check

4. Sheriff Bensley says that he might just ignore those requirements because whatever. РCheck

The only thing we’re waiting for is for Sheriff Bensley to pick the next person in line. Apparently, there’s already someone interested in the job that’s worth mentioning but he won’t say who. Oh, how you leave us all in suspense. It’s like Sheriff Bensley is about to announce the next season of Dancing With the Stars.

Bensley can’t pick someone experienced and from the outside, because that person would look around the sheriff’s office for five minutes and then put pressure on all of them to clean up their acts. You know, not institute illegal ticketing schemes, not being one of the only police departments left in America that don’t have in-car cameras…not having someone from their ranks get arrested for violence every 5 minutes…you know generally not being one of the most corrupt police departments in America according to the CATO Institute…

I bet there’s a retired undersheriff from a large city in Michigan who spent years in a challenging, large department with a cottage in Northern Michigan. There are probably many people who meet that description in our community. A person like that could come in a do a world of good in terms of raising standards and offering a different opinion than “but that’s how we’ve always done it,” “our way is better so standards smandards” and “but you’re not from here, so ya…”

I’ll update this report when Sheriff Bensley inevitably concludes there’s no substitute for local like our officials so often do.

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