Sheriff Bensley Faces Challengers for Top Cop

Grand Traverse County residents have two options other than incumbent Tom Bensley when it comes to the 2020 election for sheriff.¬†Scott Sieffert is his primary challenger; Greg Hall is the general election challenger. Both Sieffert and Hall are running because they’re not happy with the job that Bensley has done. You’re already winners, gentlemen, just for trying.

It will be interesting to me what effect all of the COVID closures will end up having on elections. Will incumbents be more likely to win because challengers can’t get their message out? A challenger has a harder time making the incumbent answer for their prior behavior without the public forums.

Here are some questions sheriff Bensley should have to answer to:

  • There is an alarming suicide rate at your jail. What personal responsibility do you, Sheriff Bensley, have for it? Why was your answer to the suicide problem to allow Todd Ritter to make a controversial hire?
  • Speaking of Todd Ritter, what conversations have you had with anyone about the fact that he has not been charged? Have you joked about it? Do you believe that he should be charged?
  • What¬†harm do cameras do? If they do so much harm that you refuse to get them, why aren’t you preaching to other police departments that they are causing harm by using cameras?
  • Do you regret calling members of the public “fish in a barrel” for ticket revenue?
  • How many of your own have been investigated and/or disciplined for misconduct in your latest tenure in office? What for?
  • In what ways do you believe your department could improve? What steps have you taken?
  • What is the constitutional right to be free from unlawful interference from police? What does that mean to you?
  • What is a Terry stop? When can the police search a vehicle or a home without a search warrant? What constitutional amendments are relevant to you as a police officer?
  • Do you believe that the courts should be allowed to raise their own operating revenue through convictions and subsequent fines and costs?
  • Why didn’t you/don’t you clearly answer if and how you are enforcing the large number of COVID-19 mandates?
  • Why do you wear sweatshirts without sleeves?
  • Who do you think would get a higher rating on hot or not — Larry Inman or Wayne Schmidt?
Sheriff Bensley wears a sweatshirt without sleeves
Sheriff Bensley wears a sweatshirt without sleeves

Reading through the Record Eagle article, so much of what Bensley claims are his accomplishments, like the increased mental health services in the jail, he did reluctantly, kicking and screaming really. Sieffert brings some big credentials to his candidacy, and both challengers have open eyes to the real problems in law enforcement and Bensley’s failed leadership. We can only hope that the public is listening.

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5 thoughts on “Sheriff Bensley Faces Challengers for Top Cop”

    1. It shouldn’t be difficult to beat BENSLEY for sheriff, I mean look at all the times this guy has violated state and federal law.

      The guy stated on a recorded convo that he was unaware it was illegal to possess meth, conspire, commit purgery, commit crimes of conspiracy, staging false evidence, tampering with evidence, and kidnapping was illegal.

      What about facilitating the removal of 3 children for racist and prejudice intent, happened to a family in TRAVERSE city, where his deputies removed 3 children at the whim of cps, with incomplete removal orders based off of criminal behavior on the part of CPS. Its my understanding that deputies put hands on the children in question shortly before the children were shipped off to flint to foster. Was there ever an investigation? Not even close.

      The same family has made a total of 4 attempts to make reports about hate crimes on African American children, on recording Capt. Gillis with the Traverse city refuses to investigate, and hangs up on the family…..
      Federal obstruction of state justice is a very serious crime for which you should be in prison, along with a long laundry list of other federal and state charges.
      Noel moegenberg is another rights violating racist as she wouldn’t even talk to me because she “represents the state not the people” (her words) which is a direct violation to her oath, to the united states constitution

      1. Mrs. Moeggenberg is running “unoppposed.” She’s guaranteed a win on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020. Yaaaaah for us. (gulp & squinting my eyes).

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