Sheriff Bensley Wants More Money for the Undersheriff

So you’ll all recall that Nathan Alger was named County Administrator in a less-than-shocking coronation. That leaves Sheriff Bensley to name a new undersheriff. He can pick whoever he wants from inside or outside law enforcement.

Many people applied for the position. Bensley had to admit that 14 people applied.

But Bensley says he wants to pay more than the $83,338 he advertised when he listed the job. You know that 14 people already applied for. He went back to the county commissioners to ask for a pay raise for the position.

Of course, he didn’t say that the current applicants aren’t qualified. And he didn’t say that he doesn’t plan to pick one of them. He only said that he wants to pay more, with your money. In fact, there was some discussion of whether the job would even be reposted. He may just want more money to pay one of his buddies that has already applied.

Cheryl Gore-Follette said it best when she said, “…it feels like we’re raising it so you can pick someone from the pool.”

We can speculate that it’s one of the current captains that Bensley has in mind, since Bensley is complaining that there’s not enough of a difference between what the captains make and the undersheriff. But the difference didn’t stop all of the people that applied.

Bensley says that he only “might” repost the position even with the pay raise.

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