Sheriff Bensley’s Mike is Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

If you want to hear Sheriff Bensley make fun of public commenters at a commission meeting, here is the link: Link to Listen to Sheriff Bensley Being All Rude. It’s really not surprising.

Listen at 45:00 into the meeting.

And no, he was not “on another call.” Nice try, Mr. Hentschel.

Sheriff Bensley at a commissioner meeting
Sheriff Bensley, not making fun of constituents because he knows his mic is on
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1 thought on “Sheriff Bensley’s Mike is Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot”

  1. The above article confuses me. I followed the link to a recording of a regular meeting of the Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioner, listened from 45:00– heard nothing but the paranoid ramblings of Matt Schoech from the June 17th, 2020 meeting, not Sheriff Bensley. Coming back to the above page, I ‘realized’ that you had intended for me to watch the video of the meeting on 11/7/18, as it appears in the picture. Looked up that meeting, watched from the beginning of Sheriff Bensley’s appearance, heard no rudeness. From 45:00 in that meeting onward, Sheriff Bensley doesn’t even appear on camera, and isn’t the one speaking. The guy who is speaking is in no way rude to anyone.

    Please understand, there is no agenda behind this post. I really did want to see a video of Sheriff Bensley being a jerk badly enough to go to all the trouble detailed above. You did not deliver what you promised. Please fix this.

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