Shoplifting Former Aide for Larry Inman Gets Deferred Sentence

Ashleigh Ackerman used to be a campaign consultant for Larry Inman. Ackerman had the glamorous job of telling people that Inman wasn’t participating in a public forum before the election.

Perhaps if he had been the one consulting for her, he would have told her that trying to steal from Costco was a bad plan. Why would anyone steal from Costco? They already have such low, low prices. I think this somehow violates the public trust. Ackerman tried to steal a speaker from Costco.

Attorney-for-the-cops Chris Cooke said that everything would work out fine for Ackerman, before any deal had been struck. And Cooke was right. The prosecutor is dismissing Ackerman’s charge with a deferred sentencing. Basically, Ackerman pleads guilty, spends a year on probation, and gets her case dismissed if it all goes well. Ackerman’s case is set for a plea date.

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1 thought on “Shoplifting Former Aide for Larry Inman Gets Deferred Sentence”

  1. Looking forward to see how she plays into current charges against Larry Inman, because she was his very pushy spokesperson during the time he was bribing the union. Conflict of interest for Chris Cooke?

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