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There’s a lot that we have to get to – more about the daycare concerns, the latest TCAPS bond request and some historical events. We’ll get everything up eventually.

For those of you asking about submissions – We only want to publish things that are either verifiable or opinion/commentary. You can submit topics, but we can’t do a story on it unless there’s already a news article, you send me a police report or we can otherwise fact check.

Also, we’re only going to talk about public issues and public officials. We don’t care about a public official’s personal life or family members except to the extent that their behavior is relevant to public issues. We’re also not going to report on people who aren’t public officials or employees.

FAQs – Why are you doing this?

  1. People love local news, but it’s hard to produce cost-effectively. This project isn’t expensive, and people seem to be enjoying it.
  2. To make a difference. Local public officials are seldom reported on in a meaningful way.

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  1. RE: Kelly Ann Boyce-Hurlbert Murder/Dealing With a Bunch of Northern Michigan Hicks

    TX R

    Tue 7/17, 11:31 AM;;
    Sent Items
    TO: Jack O’Malley
    Operations Manager
    314 East Front Street
    Traverse City, MI 49684
    (231) 947 – 7675 ext. 1027


    I’m sorry, but I’ve given it a week since I talked to you about the Kelly Ann Boyce-Hurlbert case and haven’t heard back from you. I’m assuming it was Captain Bussell you were taking my information to? For all the time, effort, patience, and risk I’ve endured to put this guy away – who still roams free in the same community in which you broadcast your dumb radio show – I would think you could have at least given me the courtesy of a call back. And to think I was referred to you…

    Why were you so quick to wrest the least amount of information you could’ve possibly have gotten from me to take the ball and run with it? Why is it everyone in the media (and law enforcement) has to be the hero all the time? What is wrong with you people!?

    Cc: Stephen Fried
    Loni Coombs

    RE: From the Desk of Joseph John Kacin:

    Jack, here are some of the details I thought you should have had before trying to contact law enforcement, minus the additional story…

    From: TX R
    Sent: Wednesday, April 4, 2018 9:02 AM
    Subject: To Casey from a Survivor

    Dear Casey,

    My name if “is” (sic) Joseph John Kacin, I admire your work and I’ve been fascinated with criminal behavior since I was a kid, and I have a couple shocker (maybe) stories I have to share with you.

    In January of 2016 I made a FOIA request to the FBI, unsuccessfully, concerning the July 5, 2013 unsolved murder of Kelly Ann Boyce-Hurlbert, who was run over in the middle of the night and dragged under a vehicle for nearly two blocks in Traverse City Michigan, during the National Cherry Festival.

    On February 7, 2017, I happened to pull onto the lot of an auto dealer in Beulah Michigan, to sell my vehicle. Next day, I sat down with a gentleman by the name of Matt Pelky, the owner, and chatted with him for six hours. I happened to ask Matt if he knew anything about the Kelly Ann Boyce-Hurlbert case, for which he divulged to me more information than anyone has had, or should have.

    Mr. Pelky claimed that there had been an eye-witness (a homeless guy he had known/employee of Gibby’s Fries who travels with the carnival) and gave the name, Erin Eats, or, Jason Eater – something like that. Apparently, Eater had gone to authorities with the plate number but wound up with a hit out on him. Mr. Pelky claimed that, two years ago, this Eater character bought a truck from him, and told him his intentions of buying it: “So when they come after me again, I can kill ‘em!” and that Eater planned to fill the bed full of dirt to make the tuck more effective to that end. Pelky claimed he told Eater to give his statement to an Under Sheriff he knew in Benzie County, but said nothing had ever become of it. He told me it was a “high profile” case law enforcement was trying to cover up, and that Eater was probably currently “in Florida or something.”

    I was impressed to discover Mr. Pelky is above average in intelligence, and knew Hebrew pronunciations of words difficult for Hebrew students to know, without any trace of any books within my sight, neither in Pelky’s garage, office, or living quarters. He has connections to import and export vehicles inside and outside the country, and had shown me several photos from his desktop – some of classic autos – he was either interested in, owns, or had owned, from a warehouse in Mexico.

    Unbeknownst to me, Mr. Pelky happens to be the next door neighbor to Kelly Ann’s mother, Michelle. Pelky told me that Michelle won’t answer the phone anymore, which is true (I had tried to call her on three different occasions the previous year). He told me he had tried to tell Michelle about this Mr. Eater, but supposedly Michelle stopped him with, “Matt, people tell me all kinds of stuff…” while the conversation apparently fizzled out, as if she didn’t want to hear it.

    Matt also explained to me he had in possession, Kelly Ann’s eighth grade cheerleader outfit, and had wanted to return it to her mother. According to Pelky, he said it looked like someone with grease on their hands used it to wipe their hands off, and that he and his ex-wife had tried everything from “bleach” to “vinegar” to get it off.

    I believe Matt was expecting me to come by the next day, but I was leery of going alone. I tried to contact another crime writer in the area with the intention of possibly going in to get more information, and record it, if necessary, because I didn’t want the police to blunder it. I did not hear back from the other crime writer, and I sensed my not returning to Matt’s the next day would send a red flag up, making him a flight risk should he have known more than what he was telling me. After dark the following evening, a Friday, I went in to give my statement to the Benzie Country Sheriff’s Department after calling another reporter to let them know what I was doing in the event Mr. Pelky’s story held any truth, though they did not take me seriously until after the fact.

    I gave my statement to Deputy Kirk Parker and Deputy Milkowski. I voiced my apprehension for giving them my statement – that should Kelly Ann’s murder have been some high profile case law enforcement was in-fact trying to cover up – I was potentially giving them enough information that could have Mr. Pelky framed – and that that would be on me. Deputy Parker agreed that law enforcement has had its share of corruption and stressed the word “trust” to me more than once.

    Parker left the room and called the Traverse City Department that night and talked at length with someone while Milkowski and I talked small talk. When Parker re-entered the room, he told me that I may very well have given them information in this case that could finally bring some closure to this family. But, he told me, the proper detectives handling the case could not be reached for the weekend, and told me I would have to drive from Benzie County into Traverse City to give another statement. Not to mention, there is basically only one main route from Beulah to Traverse City. I told them I didn’t have the gas money to do it. Then Deputy Parker suggested I arrange to meet with them at a substation close by (which would then leave me and the unique vehicle I was driving in full view of passerbys on the same highway Pelky resides).

    The following Tuesday, February 14, after hearing from no one, I called the Traverse City Detective Unit (who were unaware of it!) but told me they would see if they could retrieve my statement from Benzie County when I explained to them I was out of gas and not able to make the drive, again, and then I heard no more.

    There was more to my statement than I could give during my talk with Deputies Parker and Milkowski, and I had wore them out before I left. I made arrangements with Detective Eric Borher (spelling uncertain) from the Traverse City Unit to come to my studio (which is under 24 hour security surveillance) and he brought another younger detective with him, on March 6th, and I gave them a more thorough statement froth with details, and possible leads. I even gave them the description of Matt’s reaction to a statement I shared with him from a Cambridge English professor/paranormal investigator who had voluntarily disclosed to me a “vision” he conjured of the possible whereabouts of the vehicle/murder weapon when discussing the case with him, while voicing my convictions that such visions are demonic. I told the detectives I would be willing to help them any way I could, knowing the pride issues between law enforcement jurisdictions, departments; and now, individuals.

    On March 15th (six weeks after giving my original statement), I called the local FBI unit and spoke to Special Agent Ann at 4:45 PM and told her what information I was holding. When Special Agent Ann asked me if I wanted her to have an agent call me, I was so pissed at the absurdity of such a question – I hung up on her. I showed up in person to the Unit the next day, and Ann told me, “You hung up so I didn’t know what to do!”… She assured me the Traverse City Detective Unit had not contacted them about my statement, and I grabbed a chair from the lobby area to sit down on the other side of the protective glass from her to re-hash yet another loud haphazard version of my statement, because she said there were no other agents there. Agent Ann then offered something to the effect of, “Well, I can call them” meaning, the Traverse City Detective Unit, at which time I dismissed myself and kindly put my chair back before I left.

    Someone with half a brain has gotten away with murder here.

    …Whats more, Pelky was broke and facing eviction at the time I spoke with him. Just days after I gave my statement he had his septic tank pumped, and I am very doubtful law enforcement even considered anything going to to that septic truck could have been of interest.

    Additionally, I am sending you a copy of a story I finished shortly before meeting up with Matt Pelky in an additional email attachment. I wrote it while on a walk-about of sorts during the past 15 years – uncertain what to do with the information. It is disturbing, but I told myself I didn’t live through what’s in it to continue trying to hide it, or to continue trying to the protect people that don’t deserve it.

    Concerning a character in the story by the name of Samantha – there is no substantial evidence – but no one ever looked into it, and two of what would have been key witnesses in that story are dead. I did try to go to authorities before Samantha died of a drug overdose, so let that be on them.


    Joseph John Kacin

    (Since I contacted “Jacko”, I talked with the owner of Gibby’s Fries – who had not been questioned by police. He did in-fact recall a Jim Eets (spelling uncertain) working for him back in 2013, and claimed Eets makes up false police reports and believes them. Pelky, nonetheless, knew enough about Eets to know where he used to sleep as a homeless person, and that he was working for Gibby’s. Furthermore, there were two similar hit-and-runs in Traverse City in the preceding years before Kelly Ann was wiped out; note that after that – there was no more…)

    TX R

    Tue 7/24, 2:38 PM
    Dear Brian,

    I am sending you a child abuse report, due to the fact I cannot find another way to email it to the UNODC. I am sending the complete story in an additional email attachment. I trust that you can get into the right hands.

    Thank you,

    Joseph John Kacin

    Dear United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime,

    My name is Joseph John Kacin from northern Michigan, and I am making a child abuse report, per se, which would constitute child abuse at the highest level. My problem is getting anyone to take it seriously. As far as I know, after going to my attorney, the FBI simply did a highly illegal “bag job” on my house (all of which was witnessed), and dropped the ball – assuming I was delusional. Even the girl I was trying to protect was locked up for trying to address the issue on her own, and died of a prescription drug overdose while no one ever looked into it.

    I am sending the story in an additional email attachment. I wrote it while on a walk-about of sorts during the last 18 years, uncertain with what to do with the information. It is very long. It is very disturbing. But I told myself I did not live through what’s in it to continue trying to hide it, or to continue protecting people that don’t deserve it. You will see, through my experience, that trying to report it fewer words proved disastrous. It is my testimony.

    Joseph John Kacin

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