Sue Kelly and the TCAPS Crisis – Follow the Money

Let’s talk more about the poorly noticed, back door, oddly timed, selectively non-televised, closed door meeting of the TCAPS Board of Education.

If there’s one thing I learned early on in my working years, it’s never to trust anything that shows up after 2 P.M. on a Friday.

If the TCAPS Board of Education wants Jamie McCall so badly, why not just put her in place in the first place? When they hired Cardon, were they so far gone that they couldn’t fathom that anyone might disagree with them on fiscal policy? Soma and the TCAPS board have been on the edges of some unconventional and controversial funding schemes over the years. Some of which are finally coming home to roost. Surely, Soma and the TCAPS BOE brass knew that. Perhaps the board was so far gone that they never saw it coming.

Remember, this is the board that gleefully cooked up the Homeschool Partnership funding scheme. Back when the Homeschool Partnership took off, board members were thrilled when they no longer had to account for the seat time of each student. The board had what they saw as an opportunity to bill the state for educational time without accounting for it. You say potato, the State of Michigan says fraud…

And if the board was playing that kind of shell game with one program, what else were they doing? Remember the scheme to fly in piles of Chinese kids in order to rake in the big bucks in both per pupil funding and tuition? They were going to house the kids at NMC when families didn’t come crawling out of the woodwork to play along. One year, they brought the Chinese kids in just over a two-week period that happened to include count day.

Let’s not forget the millages. They sent out mailers with district funds. They arguably shut down Interlochen Schools because the poorer residents of the Interlochen region chose to vote against one of the millage grabs in disproportionately large numbers.

With Soma, it was one little funding scheme after another. And it was always just money. It was never – here’s this educational thing we’d like to try, what do the numbers look like? It was always, here’s a way to get more money, let’s exploit it, and whatever children we have to exploit in the process.

Now back to the meeting…

In reply to it needing to be a closed session because it’s a personnel issue, this isn’t a personnel issue like a bus aide assaulted a kid and we need to go through the formalities to fire them. This is the head of the district that the board spent a lot of public time, energy and funds to hire. It’s the biggest decision the board has to make, and one that deserves public discussion and input. It’s an issue that very much deserves transparency, that we’re never going to get.

I read one suggestion that Cardon is to blame for her own ouster for wanting to meet with the board only bi-monthly. Well perhaps that stance was in exasperation for the way that she has been treated by the board. People report that Cardon has spent time in the classrooms. Shouldn’t she do that before she runs to pander to the union?

The running for Inman’s seat thing is hilarious, though. Until the community rejects the RINO club that controls Traverse City, this is what we’re going to get. And I’m not saying that democrats are better than republicans, they’re not. All I’m saying is that the RINOs we have are worse than everyone else.

To the people who ask me why I hide behind a pseudonym, I see what you do to people who don’t tow the party line. You threaten to put them in jail, like you did to Erica Mohr. Maybe I could share a cell with Mohr. At least she is sane.

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6 thoughts on “Sue Kelly and the TCAPS Crisis – Follow the Money”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to do some research for these TCAPS articles. As a former teacher and co-founder of Citizens for Equity (to make state school funding equitable), I am absolutely disgusted with the conduct of our school board. I would be interested in talking with you (if you are so inclined).

  2. If you are thinking the homeschool initiative has ended?
    Not so. It is still meeting every Wednesday with far fewer participants and an unknown funding arrangement. Using a valuable resource for one day a week is ludicrous. What’s going on?
    Interlochen Community School has a deed restriction. If TCAPS doesn’t operate a school it goes back to ICA, the owner of the real estate the school stands on.

  3. Pay attention to the Board agenda posting and what Sue Kelly said at the meeting: The board had no choice but to have the prior closed meeting, since it was requested by the staff member involved. The Open Meetings Act gives the board no choice if the employee requests a closed meeting. So quit saying the board was doing the closed meeting as some type of subterfuge. By revealing content of the closed meeting ( a violation of the OMA) Trustee Mohr doomed the employee and forced what could have been a quiet issue into a public hanging. A cruel thing to do to someone Mohr supposedly supports, even though we do not know who this person is, for sure, and what transgressions they may have made! With friends like that, who needs enemies. Why not wait till the process plays out before ranting?

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