Sue Kelly, Why Are You Like, Obsessed With Grant Chandler?

It’s looking more and more like Grant Chandler is somehow intimately intertwined with the whole TCAPS Erica Moon-Mohr, Sue Kelly, Ann Cardon controversy. Thanks to research by transparency groups, it’s starting to become apparent that Sue Kelly was/is committed to defending Grant Chandler’s involvement in TCAPS, specifically payments to Chandler for services that Ann Cardon had arranged to get for free from alternative sources. So the million-dollar question is…

Sue Kelly is ordinarily a rather stiff person. Seriously, she’s all wound up, other than when she’s silencing dissent. But the mention of Grant Chandler’s name and immediately she gets all giddy. I’m not just saying it – you can see it in video from board meetings. She gets all weird when he comes up. Now that it turns out that Chandler may be wrapped up in the TCAPS controversies, Kelly’s giddy reactions to Chandler become more interesting, and relevant. Why did Kelly insist on paying Grant Chandler for services that Ann Cardon secured for free? Why did Kelly vehemently defend Chandler at the same time she worked with equal vigor for Cardon’s ouster? Why does TCAPS still partner with Chandler despite questions about his previous work history and a plethora of other options?

I meant to write a serious article pointing out the various warning signs that we, in fact, still know very little about what has really gone on and is going on with TCAPS, their finances, their hiring and firings, and board operations. Then I started making memes about what it would be like if “Mean Girls” were really about TCAPS:

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4 thoughts on “Sue Kelly, Why Are You Like, Obsessed With Grant Chandler?”

  1. The more I learn about Sue Kelly, Moeggenberg and the rest of local royalty the more I think about a few Bob Dylan lyrics.
    “They say that patriotism is the last refuge
    To which a scoundrel clings
    Steal a little and they throw you in jail
    Steal a lot and they make you king
    There’s only one step down from here, baby
    It’s called the land of permanent bliss
    What’s a sweetheart like you doing in a dump like this?”
    Subterranean Homesick Blues:
    “Better jump down a manhole, light yourself a candle
    Don’t wear sandals, try to avoid the scandals
    Don’t want to be a bum, you better chew gum
    The pump don’t work ’cause the vandals took the handles”

  2. Thank you for pointing out relevant facts and adding some good humor to your blog. The memes are good reminders of a few of the issues that will continue to hover over the next superintendant. They need to be faced and not swept under the rug.
    Different subject- thank you for your great work pointing out Todd Ritter’s misuse of power and public funding last month. The facts are well documented, you’re very funny, and I hope a few readers have been moved to demand action as a result.

  3. How does a new superintendant tap dance around all that stuff? It is a serious question, but you gotta laugh at just how much there is to avoid.

    The new super is going to need to avoid stepping on a lot of landmines. Is it a coincidence USA is bringing back landmines? I think not!

    Is there a ‘new-super cheat sheet'” (FOIA please!)? What stuff does the new super pretend didn’t happen, what stuff do they spin, what stuff do they just treat normally and factually?

    How about a thread with a contest for Top 10 likely interview questions for the new supervisor candidates?

    PS. Is it illegal to interview candidates in closed board session? Can they keep the chosen candidate a secret?

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