Sue Kelly Wins the Smug-lympics; TCAPS Is a House Divided

You know what everyone in Traverse City is doing right now? They’re googling who Sue Kelly is and what just went down with TCAPS. I know this because starting late on 10/11, hits began rolling in and the vast majority are coming in on the Sue Kelly tag page. Matt Anderson is in a distant second. Even Jeff Leonhardt is bringing in some measurable search traffic. The other TCAPS articles are rolling in the hits, too. People usually don’t sit around looking at Dirty Traverse for information on any of those people, so it was obvious something was a flutter.

According to Facebook counters, more than 12,000 people have already watched the video of the board meeting. People want to know what all the ruckus is about. Sue Kelly doesn’t want to tell them.

In case you missed it, let me summarize the meeting for you.

Public: We like Ann Cardon. How about you don’t fire her, or at least tell us what this is about?

Sue Kelly: No.

Public: Sue Kelly sucks big time.

Sue Kelly: I’m like Mary Poppins. I never explain anything.

Public: Matt Anderson, whose side are you on?

Matt Anderson: Sue Kelly’s.

Public: Boo boo boo.

Erica Mohr: I’d like to be transparent.

TCAPS: We’ll charge you with a crime if you do that.

Public: For shame, TCAPS, for shame.

Who is Sue Kelly?

As of this afternoon, Sue Kelly is the gold medalist in the smuglympics. Pamela Forton and Leonhardt were neck and neck for the silver.

Okay so really Sue Kelly is the President of the TCAPS board. Kelly is arguably the ringleader of the current mysteries surrounding newly hired TCAPS Superintendent Ann Cardon. Reportedly, after only 72 days on the job board members Kelly, Pamela Forton, Jeffery Leonhardt and Jane Klegman want to send the new superintendent, Ann Cardon, packing. (As if she ever had any time to unpack.)

This is Sue Kelly:

What did Ann Cardon do that has the board so upset?

This is the million dollar question. This is also the question that is the big secret because the board members are hiding in closed session while literally threatening Erica Mohr with criminal charges for trying to be transparent. The only answer we’re kind of getting from third-party sources is that she (Cardon) made one off-handed comment about how there are some positive points in the School Finance Research Collaborative. Soma & Co. condemned the recommendations a while back. Cardon didn’t even say that she loved the collaborative or agreed with all of it. She only said that there were some positive takeaways from it.

That’s it? One off the cuff comment that maybe something isn’t 100% completely bad and deserves more consideration? Did she know that it was such a touchy subject for Kelly and the rest? Is that really it, or is there more? Why won’t the board tell us?

Erica moon mohr, tcaps board

Sole Team5TCAPS electee Erica Moon Mohr tried to call for transparency. She wrote a scathing letter that criticized the board for what she called bullying and secrecy. Mohr had to endure TCAPS’ attorney literally shouting at her to stop trying to explain to the public what was going on or face criminal charges. Mohr was incredibly brave.

matt anderson is canceled

Anderson had the chance to do the right thing, and he chose not to. He left Erica on her own and chose political expediency over transparency. So he’s just canceled.

Who was the attorney staring at his computer and screaming at Erica to stand down?

His name is Jeffrey Butler. His website calls himself Jeffrey because when you graduate from Cooley Law (America’s finest law school) you take yourself too seriously and call yourself Jeffery when your name is really Jeff. Mr. Butler spent the meeting staring at his computer when he wasn’t screaming at Erica to stand down and threatening her with jail for trying to expose Kelly.

tcaps board meeting / ann cardon

Now for the grumblings that Kelly won’t admit or deny. Some people are saying that Kelly’s true motives go back to Larry Inman. With him under indictment, there’s no longer a politician able to arrange $700K pork bills when TCAPS fudges/falsifies their student counts. Someone said that Kelly hopes to run for Inman’s seat. If she can oust Cardon and install a friendly (Jamie McCall or whelp, Paul Soma), she’ll have a rock solid endorsement from TCAPS and a clear path to power, where the back scratching can continue. Or so she thought.

But Mohr just made all of that public. At least it seems like Kelly has gone to great lengths to hide all of this from being exposed, with all the closed door meetings and refusing to even hint at what is actually going on. It seems like the Team5 group was ahead of their time. Being the only elected from the group, Mohr was going to have it rough, but criminal threats from the TCAPS attorney himself is a whole new level of Dirty Traverse.

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14 thoughts on “Sue Kelly Wins the Smug-lympics; TCAPS Is a House Divided”

  1. I really wish I had a way to contact Ann Cardon and tell her how much we care about her and want her to stay. We will recall the board and she will be our superintendent. This underhanded garbage has to end now. Thank you Erica Moon-Mohr for being a brave, bad ass woman. The rest of them are disgusting. Jamie McCall is evil and needs to be fired from her position with TCAPS.

    1. Patricia: earlier tonight I was thinking the community should start a Facebook page to post support to Ann. It’s one way to get the message to her while respecting her privacy. (Also I appreciated your comments at yesterday’s meeting.)

  2. Ann Cardon is politically very savvy. However, she seems to believe that the school board works for her rather than the other way around. Her former school district is glad she is gone and that she is TCAPS problem. She destroyed morale in SJ.

    1. Do you have evidence of this? Not trying to be rude or sassy, but I’m curious. I’ve only found positive articles about her.

      1. I have professional educator colleagues in the greater St. Joseph area, and the feedback I have received is that our superintendent is an excellent professional. Given her extensive and professional experience, it is entirely possible that she will see some things differently than those without this background. At this time, it is my view that she needs to be supported by a Board that hired her.

    2. Uh, Where There Is Smoke There Is Fire, what are you hiding? Perhaps you think by printing an unsubstantiated comment criticizing Ann Cardon that people will believe it. If you published your name, you would have at least a tiny measure of accountability, but hiding in the shadows and printing something with no substance? Where did you learn this behavior?

    3. Re: Where There Is Smoke There Is Fire’s comment smearing Ann Cardon. There are no facts, no sources, not even your name is attached to your comment. Who would believe you?

    1. It sounds to me you watch too much Foxnews. Everything I’ve seen from Adam Schiff has been pretty much a response to a verbatim reading of Trump’s phone call with the Ukranian prez. Could it be Margaret is another no name repub muddying the waters to obscure the truth. As far as we know,you anonymous coward, you could be Sue Kelly or Soma.

  3. How come no one is (publicly) asking what was in the 6-page complaint that spurred the EMPLOYEE’S request for a closed session? (Note: It is probably FOIAble as part of a personnel file.) The Board has no interest in getting rid of a Supt. for illegitimate reasons, especially when they recently chose the Supt.; rather, the institutional incentive is for a Board to keep their Supt. longer than other stakeholders typically want. Do you really think the complaint is a disagreement about school funding policy? Um, ok. The employee had a legal right to a closed session to address the complaint, and the Board had a legal right to a closed session to consult with their attorney. Not glamorous, not dirty, but true.

    1. Your words sound just like those of former Board member, Kelly Spaulding Hall. Lots of deflecting excuses for what’s happening behind closed doors. When you know the public won’t like your actions, just close the door and then lock it with an incompetent attorney making threats of arrest.

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