TCAPS Bond Proposal on the August Ballot, Devin Wilson Case Pending

TCAPS has so many bond proposals that go around and come around I can’t even keep them all straight. It’s unfortunate because some bond proposals are absolutely necessary. Others are ridiculous. What I do know is that TCAPS tears down a building that’s only 70 years old while in Europe, buildings that are 70 years old are just getting started. Tearing down buildings that are young by the world’s standards doesn’t seem environmentally sound to me, let alone cost-effective.

Not much else is going on. A lot of people are landing on this site on the articles about Devin Wilson MSP Trooper charged with child sexually abusive material, but the District Court in Newaygo County doesn’t have online records, at least not that I can find, so I can’t look for an update. It wouldn’t be surprising to have it take this long for anything interesting to happen in the case. Typically in very serious felony cases, the preliminary examination gets put off to give the prosecutor time to get up to speed and also time to talk about plea deals.

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