TCAPS Principal Writes Blueprint-Themed Recommendation For Jame McCall

A TCAPS principal appears to have written a recommendation letter for Jame McCall for the vacant superintendent position.

*I edited identifying information out of the letter because I don’t have independent confirmation that the letter is authentic. That way I can’t get sued. Now let’s proceed.

As I read through this letter, I couldn’t help but think — wait, I’ve read all this before. Oh, right. The writer sprinkles buzzwords from Grant Chandler’s The Blueprint throughout the recommendation letter. Many of the nouns and adjectives are direct quotes from a document called TCAPS Blueprint Leadership Profile:

A few examples — these are all screenshots from the above document or from other documents produced in FOIA responses about The Blueprint. I’ll quote from the recommendation letter and then post the screen shot from The Blueprint materials:

“integrity, drive, devotion and commitment” / “relentless drive”

“help leaders to grow in the skills necessary”

“respect, teamwork and accountability”

“rapid growth and improvement”

“clearing our plates”

“looking ‘out of the box'”

“constant analysis of data” / “data analysis”

“allocate resources to meet the needs of our organization”

“challenges the status quo” / “her wanting to challenge the status quo”

“ability to execute”

“each and every student in the TCAPS district”

The McCall recommendation letter is obviously targeted to an audience that’s into Grant Chandler’s The Blueprint. WHHYYYY??? Why are you so blindly loyal to The Blueprint? The evidence is scant that it works. Grant Chandler lost his job after an audit. What are you getting out of your blind loyalty to The Blueprint?!?!?! Why is it so important to Sue Kelly and the rest of the board (EMM excluded) that the new Superintendent is a cheerleader for The Blueprint? What is there to personally or financially gain? Why does Jame McCall think she needs a letter like this? Why does the writer think Jame McCall needs a letter like this? Why is loyalty to not just The Blueprint, but specifically Grant Chandler, so important that you threw Ann Cardon in the back alley as soon as she wanted to go with the free implementation services rather than Grant Chandler?

Second, Jame McCall is the status quo. She doesn’t challenge the status quo. Challenging the status quo is what I do, and let me tell you, it ticks people off. When the people in power approve of you, you’re not challenging the status quo, you’re reinforcing it.

Third, does any of this explain the conflict with Paul Soma and the building principals over the last few years? Because the premise of The Blueprint is basically that the central administration micromanages the building principals. Perhaps that was off-putting and heavy-handed to the building principals. If the administration is micromanaging the principals who are micromanaging the teachers, who’s running the district? Sue Kelly?

The Blueprint, and the recommendation letter, are both buzzwords. Buzzwords that Sue Kelly wants to hear. Why.

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