TCAPS Spends $90K on Anti-Bullying, Feel-Goody Kiddie Corporate Training; Sees No Benefit

So TCAPS has spent $90,000 on an anti-bullying training program for the kids. They sit through lectures and team-building activities about how bullying is bad.

And TCAPS has nothing to show for their $90,000. In a survey, students report that the program has had no positive impact whatsoever. Many students report that they continue to be bullied in school. They say that less than half say teachers always or almost always even care to try and stop the bullying when they see it.

So making kids sit through be-nice-to-each-other lectures doesn’t work? That crap wouldn’t work with adults in a workplace. What works is having behavioral standards and enforcing them. When predictable behavior leads to predictable discipline, behavior improves. Just like when police officers and other government officials commit misconduct at an alarming rate and often receive “justice” instead of justice, the integrity of your justice system becomes a joke. Inconsistency, disparate treatment and focusing on feel-good treatment instead of fair treatment for everyone doesn’t work. Not in schools and not in the community.

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1 thought on “TCAPS Spends $90K on Anti-Bullying, Feel-Goody Kiddie Corporate Training; Sees No Benefit”

  1. Dear Mr/Mrs Editor.
    This comes as no surprise. When I heard of the decision to do this I thought it was s bad joke.
    When are people, especially “educated” people going to realize that nothing can take the place of DISCIPLINE!
    Educators, you need to get your head out of where the sun doesn’t shine and use COMMON SENSE!
    90 K. Us taxpayers just love to see you educated ‘blankety blanks’ throw our hard earned money right down the toilet. Maybe you educators need to be re-educated! !!!!!

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