TCAPS Union Reps Get Dirty

This post is going to get nasty comments, but bring it on.

Jody Mackey poses outside restaurant
Jody Mackey poses outside restaurant

The above photo appears to be of TCAPS union leader Jody Mackey. It appears to be from her social media page, taken July 22, showing her having a grand old time enjoying summer in Northern Michigan by eating at a restaurant. The caption says “Lunch in the Soo.” Not a mask in sight.

Then there’s this one of Jody Mackey allegedly enjoying the 4th of July.

Only four days later, Mackey allegedly posted something critical of President Trump for failing to get COVID under control. (Was everyone at your 4th of July party and the restaurant in the Soo part of your household? How many gas pump handles did you touch on your way up to the Soo? Were you part of the solution, or the problem?)

Of course, when it comes to doing her job, you know teaching, well that’s dangerous in a way that restaurants in the Soo and 4th of July parties just aren’t. Mackey is preaching the paranoia on Facebook and even solicited her friends to buy chairs so that she could hold class outdoors (you know it’s Michigan, right? That works until about now.)

I mean they want to be doing their jobs educating children. But you see, it’s just not safe. Mackey even took her case to the mainstream media to complain that class sizes are too high, and that they’re uncomfortable and it’s not safe.

Maybe Mackey could explain how it was safe for her to eat at a restaurant in July and go to a 4th of July gathering but not safe for her to educate her students. Has Mackey gone to any other restaurants in the last six months? Any other meetings? Any other gatherings of any kind, or has she been hold up in her house? I would rather do everything but my job too. She doesn’t look very afraid outside that restaurant.

Jody Mackey isn’t the only one being nonsensical. Allyson McBride-Culver is another union representative. She posted a picture of someone with a different point of view on TCAPS matters, DR Jamil, as her own Facebook profile pic. What message is she trying to convey by doing that? Allyson McBride-Culver claims DR Jamil accused Culver of trying to harass and intimidate her. I can’t say I blame Jamil for thinking that. When did you ever post a photo or name of someone else as your own social media profile pic? I didn’t think so.

How would TCAPS deal with an action like that between students? Would the perp be forced to attend a bullying seminar and write an apology letter? Probably. McBride-Culver seems completely detracted from the mission of union leadership, unless she believes that this Facebook profile nonsense is a way to meet the union’s goals, whatever they are. See below for more posts by McBride-Culver that will make you scratch your head about why McBride-Culver speaks for our teachers, our children or our community.

IMHO, yes, when you post an image on Facebook, you still own the copyright to it. You grant a limited license to Facebook with regard to the photo, not to other individuals. Read up on automatic copyright laws for creative works reduced to a tangible medium. You can thank international agreements for the fact that the copyright symbol is no longer necessary.

Every time I write about an organization, I get demands from people to know who I am, probably so they can threaten me too, as well as accusations that I have a personal vendetta or an axe to grind with a particular organization. That is not the case. I have no particular axe to grind with anyone other than a general one at what I see going on in this community. If other people were paying attention, they’d be as disturbed as I am. A few of us are awake to it, like the poets in Our Town. We’re realizing life as we live it in Dirty Traverse.

Fortunately, thanks to emerging media, anyone can start a blog, and middle school journalism teachers still aren’t the gatekeepers of ideas.

We still haven’t seen the “Kelly document.”

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3 thoughts on “TCAPS Union Reps Get Dirty”

  1. This is Deyar Jamil. I did not write the comment posted on October 3 that falsely used my name. I don’t know who submitted that comment but I have observed a very nasty element within the local teachers union leadership that will go to any measure to silence or intimidate me. I believe our teachers deserve better leadership than this.

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