TCAPS VanWagoner Claims Little Knowledge of Cardon Controversy

Did anyone else find this comment odd? New TCAPS Superintendent VanWogoner told the Traverse City Ticker that he didn’t really follow the Ann Cardon controversy as it unfolded.

Is that a good answer?

Shouldn’t the incoming superintendent be up to date on a huge controversy that engulfed his new school district for much of the year prior? The controversy remains ongoing, with outstanding lawsuits, unanswered questions and a lot to still talk about. Wouldn’t how the issue was handled and settled be relevant to his interest in a position and how he might manage the district if put in charge? Underlying all of it is the issue of the Homeschool Partnership and alleged student count irregularities. These issues still matter to the district to the tune of millions of dollars.

VanWogoner wants us to believe that he doesn’t want conflict, and he wants to go along to get along.

I don’t think VanWagoner gave the right or honest answer to the question. What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “TCAPS VanWagoner Claims Little Knowledge of Cardon Controversy”

  1. The key phrase is “while it was happening”.

    (By the way, the Ticker misspelled Cardon’s last name: “Wondering how aware you were of the Ann Carden controversy while it was happening.”)

  2. What sensationalist BS. What did you want him to say? “Yea, the Board sat me down and explained how we ran her out of town.” The bigger question is why did he make such a spineless decision in putting of the decision about reopening schools? What are working parents to do? Maybe make plans for their kids childcare if in fact schools need to be closed?

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