Tell Us Moore: Michael Moore Claims Employee Bad Behavior

Today I was going to talk about the drama on the Grand Traverse County Commission. I did not see this much drama coming for this group. Or, I was going to make fun of Upnorthlive’s Terrorism Alert Desk segment. But then we got more information about Michael Moore and the Film Festival, so let’s talk about that.

The Film Festival is losing money. We all know that popcorn at the State Theater is really very reasonably priced, but with annual deficits approaching half a million, the price of popcorn seems to be only some of the trouble. Moore says that there’s a rogue employee who diverted funds without authorization and held a community event without permission. In his interview, Moore is super vague about the whole thing. He doesn’t say who it was, and he dances all around the fact that the prosecutor “looked” but doesn’t appear to have authorized criminal charges. By the way, Deborah Lake has no criminal history in Grand Traverse County, and no currently pending charges. If they’re going to charge her, they haven’t yet. And another by the way, the amounts they’re claiming the employee diverted aren’t even close to being enough to resolve the Festival’s financial issues.

So is it true? Or is it excuses for the Boston Lighting & Sound lawsuit and allegations that Moore failed to pay the contractor for no good reason at all, really. Someone needs to make a movie about this when it’s all over.



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