Terry Starr Placed On Unpaid Leave

Terry Star is now on unpaid leave from his post as Kalkaska schools superintendent. There have been many hits to this site in the last couple of days looking for information. That’s usually a tip off that there’s movement going on in a case, and there are updates in this case.

First, the case history was hard to find. It’s still in the 86th District Court despite having been filed in April. Usually, a preliminary exam is supposed to kick the case to the circuit court within 10 days. Adjournments are common, but it’s been 4 months. That’s enough time to have and end a serious relationship, grow sea monkeys or take up the banjo for real.

There are things in the ledger about handwriting experts (this is something to settle before the prelim?) Then, there’s a defense motion to compel discovery, and something about how the prosecutor wants to admit expert testimony. I can’t see how the issue of compelling discovery ever resolved. What did the defense want to discover that the prosecution didn’t want to allow and what happened there? Does anyone know?

As I was reading the case history, I came to the same questions that I had the last time we talked about this case. We know very little about what the false allegations allegedly were. But I still wonder if any of the charges fit the definition of any of the charged crimes, since the reports were allegedly made to persons other than those qualified to receive reports which the law requires. And what is the authority/elements for criminal slander? Is that even a thing? I’m wondering if this isn’t more one heck of a civil defamation claim, and nothing more. Maybe we’ll get to know more of the facts if they ever hold the prelim.

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5 thoughts on “Terry Starr Placed On Unpaid Leave”

  1. The allegations in this case are truly Dirty.

    There was a bunch of action yesterday and today. Not unexpected – it has apparently been scheduled since 6/20. Hopefully someone was there to collect the details.

    Plaintiff’s motion to permit expert testimony via telephone denied. So that’s the prosecution. That denial seems appropriate.


    Ohh. A good old fashioned sequestration? Really? Witnesses locked in a seedy hotel room, guarded by chain smoking cops? Or does that mean the witnesses must be produced in person?

    The prelim was set for 9/18. And then there was apparently further unspecified action in court.

    There are a lot of retirees in Traverse. It’s too bad some of them don’t have the bug to go watch some of the court action and blog it. I’ll bet the prelim will be fascinating.

    Speaking of justice at a molassic pace, what’s up with Ritter?

  2. I’m curious about Ritter, too, since usually, the GT PA’s office is falling all over themselves to destroy the lives and families of those accused of sexual misconduct. I guess that only goes for people who aren’t in the inner circle…

    1. It is still going on. So, they went to a preliminary trial yesterday and the anonymous letter was declared inadmissible evidence. I am not sure what other piece of evidence the prosecutor has outside of the letter itself, but they aren’t dropping the case. The trial continues in January.

    2. Not sure if my previous comment but just in case, I have a correction. The letter that was dismissed what unrelated to the ones he is accused of writing in this trial. It isn’t the letter that contained the accusations of child abuse.

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