“That Doesn’t Have to Read What It Reads” – Scott Stephenson Encourages Police Corruption

So we’re still not done talking about Scott Stephenson, Midland County Sheriff, and his arrest for drunk driving in Kalkaska County. We’re not done talking about it because there are so many shady Mcshaderson things going on and if we talk about them one by one it’s going to take a while.

Today’s issue is Scott Stephenson encouraging the arresting officer to lie about the PBT results.

Here’s the Record Eagle¬†release of the video:

So Stephenson takes the PBT, and it’s a big number. Too high. We can agree that it’s too high.

There’s the PBT result – .233. The legal limit is a .08. A result of .233 is very high, and you can even hear Jerry Cannon react as he sees the number.

At 20:30, Stephenson says something shocking. He turns to the arresting officer, whose only crime was reporting to work that day, and says, “That doesn’ have to read what it f****** reads.”

Stephenson asks the arresting officer to lie about the PBT results.

That doesn’t have to read what it…reads.

How often do the police abide by that motto? How many times do they fudge the results of a PBT down for a friend, or up for a foe? Do they stretch the results of a radar gun to score some easy county cash if the driver has a nice vehicle? What about things like parking tickets? Do the meters have to read what they read? Vehicle license registration dates – are they flexible?

Liberty and justice for all, or that doesn’t have to read what it reads?¬†That doesn’t have to read what it…reads.

That’s how Scott Stephenson, someone at the top of law enforcement, approaches the law. And he wouldn’t be begging Jerry Cannon and the arresting officer not to arrest him if he didn’t think it could work.


In our next episode: We’re going to tally up all the swear words that Stephenson uses during the course of the investigation.

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