The Eighth Street Saga Continues

The traffic planning issues on Eighth Street in Traverse City continue. They repaved the road, now they’re redoing the whole road. I can’t really follow it, just that Eighth Street in its current state is a ticking time bomb when it comes to bicyclist safety. And that’s true whether you agree or disagree with bicyclists being on the road. I’m bicyclist friendly, and I think it was their roads first, but I sure wouldn’t try riding on Eighth Street myself. Commissioners plan to spend millions of dollars to address the problem.

Eighth Street is like our Big Dig. It’s just never going to be done.

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1 thought on “The Eighth Street Saga Continues”

  1. Would have been a great idea had said bike riders actually used the bike lane (properly) in stead they continue to use the sidewalk..

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