The Ticker Wants You To Comment on Comments

The Traverse City Ticker is trying to decide whether to can comments on their website. They wrote an article asking people for their input. That part isn’t really interesting.

What’s interesting is this part of the article about it:

“Let people share their opinions openly; censor or shut down the controversial ones and they’ll “go underground,” becoming even more dangerous. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

Is an opinion dangerous simply because it’s controversial? Are people dangerous members of society simply because they don’t agree with the majority? Women’s rights and civil rights were both controversial, too, at one point.

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2 thoughts on “The Ticker Wants You To Comment on Comments”

  1. Hi DTC. Great work you are doing, although it’s not clear if the residents of the TC area are really even cognizant of what a bunch of low life power hungry unqualified people make up the law enforcement and judicial seats in the area. As a tourist, I only happened to run afoul of the long arm of the Dirty Traverse City law while visiting– but I surely will avoid the area in the future rather than to have to deal with their fantasy island of rulemaking. You have been exactly right about Cooney– after running into this creature, it’s clear his skill set is limited and his power trip is large.

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